Testimonianza di Kevin

Kevin Jerome Brown, Hinesville, (USA) – Life Motivator

I just simply want to take the opportunity to say thank you.

I honestly don’t think you know or understand how much you have been a blessing to me since we met.

Kevin Jerome Brown

I still remember the first conversation we had.

We were talking how everything is connected and how everything is one.

That talk was the very thing that led me to do more on social media.

It made me go deeper and made me want to give more.

Every conversation we had since that day has always great, but the very first one was impactful and I knew that someday I had to meet you and say thanks to you personally.

Francesco, I’m truly grateful for meeting such an artistic, creative and special man such as yourself.

I’m so thankful to witness all the great things that you are accomplishing today and I know that there will be more things that you will create in the upcoming years.

I celebrate and appreciate you dearly, my friend.

Thank you so much for simply being yourself.

Much love and many, many blessings upon you, Francesco.


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